Welcome to Jarb's Hot Rods

Jarb’s specializes, but not limited to, “one off “and “unusual projects”.

Jarb’s is a Midwestern company located on Hwy 44 in Dallas Center, IA, (1102 Sugar Grove Ave). Jarb’s is comprised of owner Ron Jarboe “Jarb” and his trusted helper, master craft builder, Mike Knorr “Spanky”. The two combined have nearly 100 years of automotive experience. Ron started out at the young age of 11 learning from and pestering an older neighbor who owned a hot rod Model A. The die was cast and he has been playing with Cars ever since. Ron continued his journey down the automotive road working on hot rods and race cars in his free time while also being co-owner of the Alignment and Frame shop in Dallas Center for 27 years. Mike also started out in his preteen years helping neighbors on cars and anything else that had an engine. (if it didn’t have an engine, he put one on it). Mike spent many years as an automotive mechanic. Before joining Ron in 2007, Mike spent 17 years working with the manufacturing of ultra-light aircraft, fine tuning his fabrication and building skills. In 2007 Ron joined forces with Jim Woodsmall to help run Sugar Grove Custom Cars and Jarbs, specializing in classic cars and hot rods. They also branched out into Kit Cars such as the Brunton Automotive Lotus 7 kit cars built with their own twists and combinations, engineered and perfected along with many other unusual car drive train combinations. In 2013 Jim Woodsmall retired from the automotive rat race at which time Jarb & Spanky moved to their current location on Hwy 44 in Dallas Center.